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This blog is called “Get them talking” because its aim is to provide you with speaking activities that you can use with your EFL learners that will really…well..get them talking! A lot of the time learners are in your classroom because they want to get speaking practice and improve their speaking skills, but despite having this objective, they may be reluctant to actually talk to each other and getting them talking can be more difficult than you might imagine (at least this has been my experience anyway).  Here I want to share tried and tested speaking activities that will get your learners to really talk to each other. The aim is that the activities could be usable in a wide range of courses, but inevitably some will more suitable in some contexts than in others.  I hope you find these activities useful and that they get your learners talking.  If you do use them with your learners, I´d love to hear how it goes.

About the author of this blog  –  Claire Hart has been teaching English as a Foreign Language in a range of contexts since 2005. She has taught EFL to high school students in France, ESOL to adult learners in the UK and business English and ESP to  participants from all over the world. She currently works as a freelance business English and EFL lecturer at two German universities and runs in-company English courses.  She is also a coursebook and teacher´s book author as well as digital content developer.

You can find out more about Claire by viewing her Linkedin profile.



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Speaking activities for EFL learners

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